A note of thanks and an update on the progress achieved with the help of donor support for this year’s Share the Love Hand Up campaign.

Thanks to our donors, several students have felt encouraged and inspired by the collective Hand Up scholarship funds started three years ago.

To date, our Hand Up fund has helped:

  • 4 University students graduate
  • 5 Trade School students graduate
  • Provide bridge tuition money to primary and secondary students between sponsors

Helping students earn a diploma or trade certificate inspires other students to strive and work hard to achieve their goals, and to look to us for needed support. There won’t be an end to the dreaming, thank goodness, and with your help, we will continue to lend a hand up when needed.

Let’s celebrate our current successes as we look to create more. If you haven’t yet joined us in our goals for the Hand Up Fund, won’t you please consider contributing to the fund and sharing this program with others?  We’re grateful for any amount you choose to share with us.