Mike is sponsored!

Congratulations, Mike – you’re college-bound!  Thanks to the Weisman family for giving Mike the opportunity to continue his love of history. An engaging, articulate young man, who lost both parents, Mike needed help pursuing his dream and now he can.

Geofrey is sponsored!

Congratulations Geofrey!  Thanks to Elaine Jacoby and Traci Williams for believing in Geofrey and his education.  Sporting an Indiana U t-shirt made him a Big 10 favorite.  17-year old Geofrey is looking forward to his third year in secondary school and studying his favorite subject, biology.

Anthony is sponsored!

Congratulations Anthony and a big “thank you” to Katie Sullivan, Kevin Angeles and their kids Kaila, Keegan and Kaelen. With support from this family, 11-year old Anthony has a bright future that includes a high-quality education and the opportunity grow and reach his full potential.

Brenda is sponsored!

Congratulations Brenda and thank you to Anne, Brian, Alexis and Jack Hansen for believing in Brenda’s potential. A poised and bright young woman, Brenda is a resourceful student who is quick to help her classmates and the grandmother who cares for her.

Allen is sponsored!

Congratulations Allen! Thanks to a generous family, this 14-year old young man will be able to continue studying his favorite subject of math, which he says “makes him happy.” He’ll enter the senior two level of secondary school next year.

Gerard is sponsored!

Congratulations Gerard and thank you to Elijah, Laura, Kennedy and Riis Hammans for providing Gerard the opportunity to study his favorite subject – English – with talented teachers and clever classmates. Gerard will enter primary three this year, where his optimism and cheerfulness will brighten the classroom.

Moses is sponsored!

Thanks to the Collins family, sweet and gentle Moses is starting out his primary school education with promise and hope. This joyful 6-year-old will go to school near Mityana and begin his educational journey with promise and opportunity.

Kate is sponsored!

Congratulations to Kate and thank you to the McAlpine family for believing in this bright 10-year old. With the McAlpines’ help Kate will enter the primary 5 class at St. Venezio, leading the way for learning with her two younger brothers, Gerard and Joseph. Her contagious smile says it all!

Fausta is sponsored!

Sweet 6-year-old Fausta lives on the outskirts of Kampala with her mother. Thanks to the Graham family she will enter the first year of primary school in January. Curious and clever, Fausta will get an opportunity to learn and grow.

Andrew is sponsored!

Congratulations to Andrew and a big “thank you” to Stephanie Lippian for sponsoring this high potential 16-year-old. Andrew has been excelling at school and his good grades got the attention of his teachers, who feel he would blossom at a top-notch secondary school. Thanks to Stephanie, he’s getting that chance.