Betty is sponsored!

Congratulations, Betty!  And thank you, Tracey and Brian Coyne, for supporting 11-year old, Betty. Ready to enter the fifth grade, Betty is a charming young girl, who helps her herdsman father tend to their cattle. She has three sisters, enjoys reading and serves at her local church.

Celebrating continued success

No matter how much work is left to do – we can’t forget to celebrate the success we’ve achieved so far. That’s exactly what we did at a recent event, where more than one hundred individuals and families gathered. St. Andrew Chicago’s chapel and social hall provided the backdrop – as several children and their...

Eurica is sponsored!

Congratulations, Eurica! With the support of Tracey and Brian Coyne, Eurica will be able to complete her vocational education at the Kampala International College in Kiboga. Eurica is working to complete a two-year degree in beauty therapy and hairdressing. Eurica’s headmaster says she is a hard worker and model student. Her dream is to open…

Wrigley sweetens trip

Candy has universal appeal and Lwamata is no different. Thanks to Wrigley’s donation, we were able to bring several pounds of Starburst and Skittles with us on our recent visit to Central Uganda and our program’s scholarship recipients. We handed out the candy at every school we visited – sometimes as rewards for math contests...

Vincent Paul is sponsored!

Congratulations, Vincent Paul!  Thank you, Moira Scholz, for sponsoring 4-year old Vincent Paul.  He will enter the primary one class at St. Peter’s School next year. He has three other siblings who are currently looking for sponsors: sisters, Viola and Immaculate and brother, William.