Colorful Scholarship Bonds

Saint Andrew School in Chicago has a well-known motto: Spirit Study Service.  Last Friday a group of students had fun adding an extra “S” to their motto.  St. Andrew students ages preschool to 8thgrade gathered to paint a mural for their sister school, St. Andrew in Uganda.  The One Heart Uganda logo is encircled with:…

Care Packages and Shoes that Grow

Imagine a shoe that can grow in size along with your foot? That’s exactly what Kenton Lee, founder of The Shoe That Grows (TSTG), did and then he invented it.  The shoe has an adjustable front and sides to expand up to 5 sizes. We’re delighted to partner with TSTG and our sponsor families to deliver…

Thanks Sevenfold!

Earlier this month, we posted the news that we had seven students, who still needed to be sponsored, and that we hoped to get them covered before our visit in July.  Within just seven days – each and every student had a new sponsor.  We’re humbled by your generosity. It will be very special to…

Willson is sponsored!

Congratulations Willson and thank you to the Zolna family for helping our Primary 6 student access high quality education.  Willson is 14 years old and a hard worker.  When he’s not studying, he can be found playing soccer with friends.

Ezira is sponsored!

Congratulations to Ezira and thank you to the Zolna family – Jacie, Megan, Leo and Madeline – for sponsoring our 14-year-old scholar.  Ezira loves to read and with the Zolna’ s help will be attending a high caliber secondary school where he’s bound to find some great novels.  When Ezira’s not buried in a book,…

Nazario is sponsored!

Congratulations to Nazario and thank you to the Lloyd family: Debbie, Jim and twins, Kate and Keira, for supporting our 14-year old scholar.  Nazario is completing his Primary 6 year and has seven brothers and sisters.  When he’s not studying, he enjoys tearing up the soccer field.

Elic is sponsored!

Congratulations to Elic and thank you to his generous sponsors.  Our 14-year old scholar is completing his Primary 6 year and with this support will enjoy continuous access to high quality education.  In addition to pursuing his studies, Elic also enjoys singing in the choir and playing soccer with his friends.

Florence is sponsored!

Congratulations to Florence and thank you to her generous sponsors.  With their support, our 12-year old scholar will continue to progress and learn.  Florence’s love of reading novels is just the launching point for exploring all that a good education has to offer. Florence joins her brother, Francis Xavier, in our program and is finishing…

5th Year of Veterinary School

It’s hard to believe it’s been 13 years since Jackie entered our lives. In the beginning, she was like many of our young primary school students in the OHU program – struggling to make the best of her opportunity and showing such promise.  She worked hard and ultimately ended up receiving a full government scholarship…

Archilles is sponsored!

Congratulations to Archilles and thank you to Jay, Becky and Katy D’Aprile. Our 13-year old student loves to read and play soccer.  This scholarship help will ensure Archilles, who is in Primary 5, will continue to excel and thrive.