Aloysius is sponsored!

Congratulations Aloysius and thank you to the Brown family for getting our little 6-year old off to a great start in primary school. This sweet and funny little guy has a great personality and will thrive with the opportunity to learn.

Antonia is sponsored!

Congratulations Antonia and thanks to Laura, Dave and Harper Jordan for giving our darling 6-year old a wonderful start in primary school. Living with her mom and four siblings, Antonia loves to sing and is a quick-learner.

Nicolas is sponsored!

Congratulations Nicholas and thank you to Jim Bouquet for helping this young man and his mother through the promise of education. Curious and bright, Nicholas loves to learn and play soccer with his friends.

Fabio is sponsored!

Congratulations Fabio and thank you to Jim Bouquet for giving Fabio the opportunity to follow his dreams. After finishing secondary school, Fabio hopes to pursue his love of English and biology in college.

Peter is sponsored!

Congratulations Peter and thank you to the Brown family for helping 14-year old Peter continue his secondary education where his favorite class is religion. He has a dream to one day become a priest.

Brian is sponsored!

Congratulations Brian and thank you to the Tan family for giving 10-year old Brian the opportunity to excel as he enters the fourth year of primary school. Your support gives Brian and his mother a brighter future!

Denis is sponsored!

Congratulations, Denis and thanks to St. Andrew’s School for raising “Dollars for Denis” to continue his education in the fifth grade at St. Peter’s Primary School. Your collective support means Denis can keep studying his favorite subject, English!

Francis is sponsored!

Congratulations Francis and a big thank you to Martin McDermott for giving Francis the opportunity to finish secondary school. Crossing this milestone will make a big difference in the opportunities Frank will have in the future.

Innocent is sponsored!

Congratulations Innocent and thank you to the Richards family for supporting this promising young man. With your generosity and caring, Innocent begins his fourth year in primary school knowing he has a great new family looking out for him.

Joseph is sponsored!

Congratulations and thank you to the Brown family for helping this young seminarian pursue his dream of “serving God.” Thanks to the Browns, sixteen-year old Joseph will start his third year at the Sacred Heart Seminary in Mubende.