Updates from Uganda

Thank goodness for WhatsApp and our interconnected world.  Over the last two weeks we’ve received almost daily updates from our friends and students in Uganda.  We’ve included a few here:

“Schools, businesses, churches, bars and all places where people might collect are closed. For the next two weeks, any kind of buses, taxis, motorcycles and private cars are not to be used. The only means of transport is walking. Me and my family are in good health and not infected. I hope my sponsor family is well and send my greetings to all.”  Kizito Jovan



“I am scared.  The number of infected is increasing rapidly.  From 14 to 33 and they are located throughout Uganda and as close as Hoima. No one is impacted in Lwamata yet. I had just finished my first several weeks of secondary school level 5 and then school was closed. My family is able to keep our shop open in the village but few people visit.”  Namusisi Lydia



“The university is closed for one month and then after the Corona virus reduces, we shall resume.  I pray that God will continue to protect us.”  Namukasa Juliet




“I am stocking up with some dry food because the markets may be closed soon. I saved up some money that I can use to buy supplies. I have faith that this too shall pass. I’m praying for you all.  May God Bless you always.”  Mutenyo Jaki




“It’s very quiet with all of the students away and the school and church services closed.  It feels lonely. Never in my life have I experienced not being able to celebrate Mass. I feel so blessed to have friends in the U.S. but many of my priest friends who rely on the collections at weekly services to survive are afraid.  I’m hopeful that the President and his assembly will reduce the harsh restrictions on travel that are resulting in people going hungry. We are grateful to our supporters and pray for you.”  Fr. Matthias Kakooza