p_grad_02It’s that time of year for commencement speeches, caps and gowns and looking back on successes and ahead to new challenges – in other words – Graduation Season. And like many things, we share a number of similarities from Chicago to Uganda.

We’d like to take a moment to celebrate two recent Ugandan graduates: Nnabakooza Phiona and Nnakyanzi Christine. Thank you to the generosity of their sponsors.

p_grad_01Phiona recently graduated from a university in Kampala and wrote her dissertation on the challenges that keep Ugandans, who suffer with AIDS, from seeking proper medical attention and potential solutions to the issue. Phiona shared her dissertation with us when we met her last June and she shared the exciting news that she was expecting a baby. Her baby girl arrived just before her graduation and she told us she was naming the child after one of her sponsor family’s daughters, Ashley Voss. We wish them great health and success in the days ahead.

p_grad_03Christine graduated from a vocational college last year, where she studied hospitality, tailoring and hairdressing. Her college skillset has prepared her for several options as she enters the workforce. One day soon, she hopes to open her own business.

Just like our graduates here at home, these young women have thrived because of the faith, love and generosity of their supporters. Today we congratulate and pray for them as they embark on a bright future.