IMG_6348During our visit, Will and I had an opportunity to visit a number of schools. Many of the schools we visited included students in our scholarship program. The sophistication of the schools directly reflected the funding resources, but the hunger for education was evident in each of the schools we visited.

A typical visit started in the headmaster’s office. Most often he would tell us about the accomplishments of the institution followed by the pressing needs. We visited schl2schools that used reeds and tree branches to separate classrooms, and better-funded schools with cement walls, sturdy roofs, large chalkboards and workbooks.

No matter what type of classroom we entered, the students were eager to display their skills and aptitude – eagerly raising their hands, solving problems on the blackboard, and singing songs.

Their thirst for education was wonderful to see. It reminded me of the simple mission of our program. One child given the opportunity of a better education can change the course of her and his life. Join me in sponsoring a student today.

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