Next challenge – internships

Accounting and veterinary science are pretty different career paths – but Lawrence and Geofrey have one thing in common – they are working toward internships in their areas of study. Just like in the U.S., internships are an important step in launching a successful career in Uganda.

Lawrence is completing his last semester at Uganda Martyrs University and is looking for an opportunity to get experience in a business in the Kampala area. Completing his studyies and applying for internships is a heavy workload and he is committed to succeeding at both.

Geofrey is finishing a course in commercial farming at the Mityana Agrovet Institute and then will begin looking for his internship. Geofrey wants a career as a veterinary officer. We hope he follows in the successful path of our veterinary science graduate, Jaki, who is the veterinary officer for the Kassandra District.