This year has been a challenging one and we’re not alone in wishing we could have skipped it entirely.  For our students in Uganda, this is truer than we could have imagined as they have literally missed the school year in a lockdown.  Shortly after the new school year began at the beginning of 2020, the government shut down all schools and sent students home.  Private and public transportation was banned and it was difficult for many parents to continue to work. Thanks to our donors support, however, we were able to provide relief to our students and their families, while many struggled to meet their most basic needs.

We’re hopeful that school will resume for all students in 2021. So that we will be ready to support the students as soon as they are allowed to return to school, we’re planning to gather tuition from our sponsors this fall, as we normally would. We will continue to help our students pursue their educational dreams in these highly uncertain times.  Every bit of support they get is greatly reassuring – especially now. We will be reaching out to sponsors with specific details on students over the next month.

We recognize many things may have changed for people during this difficult year and we remain committed to continue to keep as many of our students in the program as possible through additional fundraising. Our local coordinators are working to stay in touch with our students and tell us they are so eager to return to school and their studies. Now more than ever, education is the gift that has the power to transform these young people’s lives.