Surviving the lockdown

Lockdown extended
Ugandan President Museveni has extended the May 5th countrywide lockdown another two weeks. Airports, schools, churches, businesses and public transportation remains closed.  Police and military strictly enforce the restrictions. It’s difficult to imagine the hardship this creates for our friends, students and their families in Uganda. The fear of COVID is high, but the actual number of cases is relatively small.  Lack of access to food and supplies remains the greatest obstacle to well-being and health.  This is where your generosity and the repurposing of tuition funds has quite literally extended a lifeline.

Travel by boda-boda
Ditching his truck, Fr. Matthias has turned to traveling by motorcycle (otherwise known as a boda-boda).  It allows him to avoid the main roads and check in on the many people, who count on him for support.  Mobile money networks have enabled him to disperse relief money directly to our students’ families located throughout central Uganda.

Gentleman farmer
With more time on his hands than ever before, Fr. Matthias is tending his bean garden.  He jokes they can’t grow fast enough and he’s learning the patience of a farmer. With local shops and markets closed, many are surviving on what they can grow and trade on their own.

Hand Up Relief Funds extended
As the lockdown has extended in Uganda, OHU extends its commitment to funnel all Hand Up funds during the month of May to provide relief and supplies.  If it’s possible for you to donate to help us provide ongoing relief to our students and their families – we have a direct channel to get it into their hands quickly and effectively.
Please visit our donation webpage.