“The connection Fr. Matthias has with our parish and school is unique and it resonates with me,” said Andrea Keefe.  “Ever since my early days teaching at St. Andrew, Fr. Matthias has worked to strengthen a bond between people in the U.S. and Uganda. I think the world of him and One Heart Uganda.”

This past Christmas, Andrea inspired her family to do something different with their family gift exchange.  This year, instead of giving gifts to each other – the family members donated to OHU to help our students receive scholarship money to attend quality schools.

But Andrea didn’t stop there.  This past month she hosted an online jewelry sale to benefit One Heart Uganda. Noonday Collection is a unique online boutique business that was formed when the founder met with a jewelry designer in Uganda, who dreamed of using fashion to create dignified jobs for women in her community. Today the organization partners with 15 countries to support 4,500 artisans, who have raised over one million dollars in donations since 2010.

We recognize the power of one – one heart – one great idea – making a real difference. Our result: students in Uganda have a different path to success thanks to the scholarship support of dreamers in the U.S. partnering with One Heart Uganda. Please keep dreaming!