The total money raised – $1000.00 – from yesterday’s 7th Grade Bake Sale is amazing and impactful on the surface. Take another moment to consider the inspiration – three young women – we’ll call them baking architects – Fiona, Hayden and Taylor had an idea.  They wanted to host a bake sale with their classmates that gave them an opportunity to create something bigger than themselves and to improve the lives of students through scholarship half way across the world. They had a vision and they executed it, right down to the flyers they taped to lockers, emails sent to teachers and stickers placed on each of their beautifully baked goods.

They poured their hearts out with their classmates, who baked countless goodies, and they made a wonderful contribution to the education and future of Ugandan students, who have so much less. To witness the success and determination of students helping students gives us all hope for the future. We receive so much when we give to others.  A lesson beautifully taught by the 7th grade class of St. Andrew this week.  OHU is grateful and inspired by your positive energy!