About a year ago I started to look for a company that would make durable shoes to bring with us to Uganda. That’s when I found The Shoe That Grows. The shoes are strong, cost effective and can be extended to allow for growth of up to five years. My hope was that each sponsor family could purchase a pair for their sponsored child. Fast forward to June 30th, 2018 and we were carrying those same shoes to the airport for the journey…

It is hard to imagine our children walking to school and playing soccer without shoes. However, often times in Uganda that is the case. Especially in the rural areas where it is poorest. It is a difficult life by western standards, yet they remain resilient and hopeful. They are loving and gracious people whose smiles and generosity melt your heart.

They were so grateful to receive their shoes and care packages. I will never forget my time spent in Uganda. It has forever changed me. We often heard, “Thank you for loving us,” “Thank you for loving our children,” or “Thank you for loving Uganda.”

In my eyes that is what our trip was all about LOVE!

Paula is an elementary school teacher in Chicago, a sponsor of an OHU scholar and a director on the board of One Heart Uganda.