Imagine a shoe that can grow in size along with your foot? That’s exactly what Kenton Lee, founder of The Shoe That Grows (TSTG), did and then he invented it.  The shoe has an adjustable front and sides to expand up to 5 sizes. We’re delighted to partner with TSTG and our sponsor families to deliver a pair of these shoes to each of our scholarship students this July.

Sponsors are busy readying their care packages that will help build the relationships that span from Central Uganda to the U.S. Packages will include small gifts and shoes, but most important letters and photos to share stories and experiences. Our mission is to change lives through education, and in the process, create a special bond between people in the U.S. and Uganda.  Our visit to students this July is an important part of sustaining and growing our program.  If you’d like to sponsor a student’s education through scholarship, please contact us.