Thanks to the generous and creative spirit of our sponsors, One Heart Uganda recently has benefitted from match-making.  It started with a new scholarship sponsor who decided to celebrate her 50th birthday by challenging her friends and network to support our new Hand Up Fund.

Mary Patronik issued a challenge through Facebook to 50 of her friends and family to donate $20 that she would match with her own $1000 to help jump start our Hand Up Fund that helps students finish their academic careers in universities and trade schools.


Within less than a month, Mary helped raise enough money to help two students, Teddy and Fabio, finish their academic dreams over the next two years!

Additionally, this year some sponsors have started signing up One Heart Uganda for their company’s corporate matching programs.  As a result, their tuition dollars are doubled and the scholarship help multiplies.

Let us know how we can help set up a matching program at your organization.