Part 6: 2016 Uganda Trip series

IMG_2999Last February, the bright and generous idea of one eight-year-old birthday girl and her mom raised enough money to feed lunch to every student at St. Venansio’s Primary school for an entire three-month trimester.  Forgoing typical birthday gifts and instead asking friends and family to donate to students in Uganda, Harper Jordan, raised enough money for 13,200 lunches.

School lunch is a cornmeal porridge and beans.  The school cooks make the porridge and beans over an open fire in a small brick structure and serve the lunch to students in colorful, plastic buckets.

IMG_3028During our visit, we got to witness lunchtime firsthand and see the happy faces of boys and girls eating together.  In the past, only students who could afford school lunch eat in the middle of the day.  The less fortunate have to wait until they have walked home, often 4:00 p.m. or 5:00 p.m., before they can eat.

IMG_2997“We thank you so much, because our kids are getting a good lunch,” said Fr. Francis Subuga, Director of St. Venansio Primary School.   “You saved many of our children who are going to classes on an empty stomach.  It’s really a hard thing to teach children with an empty stomach and expect them to get anything from class. So, your help is really appreciated by all the kids and staff at St. Venansio.”

Watch a message from Father Francis: