IMG_1143It started when his younger sister, Abby, went on service trips to Asia and West Africa, said Wil Schinderle. “I felt like it was time for me to do something and she really inspired me.”  

Wil, a junior at New Trier High School, heard that we needed luggage to bring our care packages to Uganda in June and went to work.  He reached out to his friends and neighbors to ask if they had luggage they would donate to the cause.

Eight bags later, Wil had literally accumulated a small mountain of luggage.  He and his family sponsor a One Heart Uganda student, Monica, so their care package will be included among the 93 others that will be packed and transported in the donated bags.

IMG_4863Inspired by his sister, Wil in turn inspired his friends and neighbors to give, and we are so grateful. It seems the inspiration won’t stop there. Wil said next he will look into giving blood and volunteering at a food pantry.   We can only hope this inspiration continues to spread.