“Why would a boy in Uganda want one of our gym t-shirts?”DSCN0966 - Version 2

It’s hard for children and adults to imagine how simple gifts packed in Chicago can arrive in the hands of grateful students half way around the world. Not to mention, how these students will feel about something we take for granted, like a t-shirt.  Sponsor, Heather Collins understands the power of the connection:

That’s our Moses!  This is such a gift. It means so much to see our concrete results of such an abstract idea for our kiddos.. When we packed this package to go around the world, it seemed impossible to them. My girls were like, “Why would a boy in Uganda want one of our gym shirts?”  I tried to explain that it is a symbol that our school supports him and that we are on the same team. But this photo of him in his Saint Andrew tee is just awesome.

Recently, we received several photos of students proudly displaying their gifts and big smiles.  When we shared the photos with our sponsors their responses sounded a chorus:

You made our day!  DSCN1145 - Version 2


Definitely, Hellen, she’s wearing the cross necklace I sent her last year. Love to see this!!

This just makes me smile.

We will be traveling to Uganda to visit our students this June and exchanging care packages and letters from the U.S. and our program’s students.

One Heart Uganda’s mission is to change lives through education and create a special bond between people in the U.S. and students in Uganda.  We look forward to strengthening that connection.