You always want what you don’t have.  

I remember walking into one of the classrooms when the children were studying and the question written on the board read,  Do you need money to be happy?

Some of the children said, yes, while others said, no. What caught me off guard the most was the reasoning behind why some of the kids said yes. One student stood up and explained how you need money for an education and that makes them happy, therefore he needed money to be happy. Another child stood up and said no because money cannot buy love. These two students alone made me see from a completely different perspective.

I was able to see and experience where these children come from and it was truly an amazing sight. Each one of them is so smart and intellectual in their own way. They want to be happy regardless and that feeling of seeing these kids strive for happiness made me feel pure joy, love, and happiness that I have never felt before. 

When coming to Uganda, my job was to tell stories through film. I wanted to capture every moment I could while at the same time, experience what was around me. I tried not to have expectations going in, but my experiences exceeded anything I ever imagined.  

I remember walking down a dirt path to see where the people in the town got their water, before the well was built. I was walking alone towards the back of the group, capturing everything around me. I came across some chickens and called out,  “Buck buck, buck buck.” Then I continued along the way. All the sudden, I heard soft chicken noises behind me. I turned around to find a little girl staring at me and laughing. Next thing I knew, we were walking side by side making animal noises for each animal we saw. Although we were not able to communicate through words, we were able to understand one another in a completely different way. 

I want these kids to understand the impact they left on me because they truly changed the way I experience life and I am so unbelievably grateful for that. Uganda is so pure and beautiful in every way possible. The people want you to see how beautiful their country is, and they welcome you with open arms. They make you feel like you were meant to be here. They left a mark on my heart and I will forever be thankful for that.  

I know now that this is what I want to do for the rest if my life. The bond that I felt with these people is something that I never thought I would experience. That power of love and pure joy will always keep me going and I want to spread that around the world through film. I will always hold a special place in my heart for the people in Uganda for showing me how beautiful the world can really be.  

SoI thank all the people, especially the children I met, for helping me to see and understand why I chose film as my job for the rest of my life. I felt a part of something that helped me to grow and learn. This is what keeps a person alive more than anything else.  

Keep growing and loving and feeling because that is truly what makes this world a beautiful place.