mikeLast week we shared with you our latest graduate success stories of Phiona and Christine, two exceptional young women starting a new chapter with diplomas in hand and an optimistic outlook – thanks to their generous supporters.

This is our goal for each of our students – whether they’re studying in primary school, secondary school or headed for a university or vocational college. We are committed to helping students achieve their dreams through access to high quality education.

Consider three One Heart Uganda students, who are currently working toward their higher education diplomas – each one focused on a different dream and each one realizing their potential with the support of individuals and families in Chicago.

Jackie has finished studying her second year of veterinary medicine at Makerere University in Kampala. She was awarded a full scholarship into the program – the result of her dedication and boarding school preparation. We visited her campus and met some of her professors last June to see firsthand how she’s creating her bright future.

jprofEurica is attending the Kampala International College – Kiboga campus – a vocational school for beauty therapy and hairdressing. Her headmaster describes her as a model student. Eurica’s ability to provide for her family with a steady job will help ensure her mother’s access to medicine and the support of her siblings. Eurica will receive her degree and graduate after two-years, when she looks forward to opening her own hairdressing business.

willeurMichael survives his two parents and has a passion for learning. He received excellent scores on his college entrance exams this spring and is awaiting word on which college he will attend this fall with the support of his sponsoring family. When we met Mike, he explained his love for world history and his eagerness to continue his studies.

Thanks to your support, every student in our program has the potential to follow the path of higher learning like Jackie, Eurica and Mike. We look forward to many graduation ceremonies to come.