One Heart Uganda’s inspiration

blog_inspire_02After listening to Fr. Matthias speak at St. Andrew nine years ago, I approached him about helping a young student with her school fees.  I was moved by his message and also felt it might be a unique opportunity for my kids, who were 8 and 6 years old at the time, to broaden their worldview.  We began sponsoring Jackie.  She’s a very bright young woman, who has had limited resources due to her father’s death and her mother’s struggle with HIV/AIDs.

blog_inspire_06Over the course of nine years, our family exchanged letters, pictures and little gifts with Jackie that created a unique bond and – in many ways – did as much for us as we did for her.

Last spring, after attending high quality elementary and secondary preparatory schools, Jackie qualified for a full government scholarship to attend veterinary college at Makerere University in Kampala, Uganda.  blog_inspire_05During a recent visit, we met Jackie face-to-face (which was indescribable and amazing) and toured her campus, meeting some of her professors and classmates.

Jackie’s experience is the inspiration for One Heart Uganda.  Her potential and hard work paired with our resources is the model for what we hope this scholarship program can create for other individuals and families.

Join me in experiencing the joy of changing one life through education.

– Kimberly Lord Arndt

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