Learning prevails during COVID

As a group, teachers have been especially hard hit during the pandemic in Uganda.  With schools locked down in early 2020 and limited internet infrastructure for remote learning, teachers have been unemployed and struggling along with their students. One group of teachers, led by one of OHU’s recent graduates has created a way to help students continue their learning and growth.

Mike Mukiibi, who graduated from Makerere University in 2019, had been teaching at a school on the outskirts of Kampala when the lockdown was announced. He and five other teachers created a curriculum program they could deliver to their students via messenger. They provide two learning packets twice a month focusing on the areas they know their students need most and also include tests on topics to help them assess their learning.  They sell the packets for eight dollars each and after the students complete their work, the teachers mark and grade the student’s progress and return the packet to the student.

Messengers are used to transfer the learning packets between students and teachers as they are not allowed to meet in groups. In some cases, the teachers also are able to provide private tutoring. Currently they have 20 students in their program and their goal is to help these students move to the next level in their education. This ingenious commitment to teaching and continued education during a dark time, provides the light of hope for what is still possible for Uganda’s students.