Less than a year ago, we were celebrating Jaki’s graduation from Makerere University with a Veterinary Science degree.  Today she works as the veterinary officer for the Kassanda District near Mityana.  Jaki was One Heart Uganda’s original scholarship recipient and the inspiration for much of what we’ve accomplished in the last 8 years.

The employment market is challenging in Uganda – even for graduates of the most prestigious institutions. It was a grueling 6 months of hard work and determination before Jaki was awarded this position.  Part of what One Heart Uganda scholarships creates is hope and determination to chase dreams.

Jaki’s duties include inspecting the butcher meat for sale in the sub-county, issuing animal movement permits and consulting on the treatment of animals. She also conducts training demonstrations to local farmers to help them increase their dairy and animal production. On top of all this – she has learned to drive a boda-boda, the Ugandan name for a motorcycle.

We met Jaki when she was 8 years old and lived in a small village with her widowed mother, who was struggling and in poor health. Jaki has made the utmost of her potential and opportunity.  She continues to inspire our organization as she demonstrates all that is possible with the investment in education and a young person’s life.