No obstacle too tough to help teachers

 St. Andrew School students and parents make conquering obstacles look easy when it comes to helping their teachers. Thanks to the Ultimate Ninjas and a Friday afternoon of FUNdraising – students joined their teachers in climbing, swinging and jumping – ultimately raising more than a thousand dollars to help offset the costs for Kelly Shea and Paula Thivierge to join the One Heart Uganda mission trip this July.

Shea and Thivierge will partner with local Uganda teachers and meet our scholarship students firsthand, checking in on their progress and offering encouragement.  In addition to the experiences the teachers will bring home to share with their Chicago students, they also are expanding the curriculum pilot they initiated in February.

The pilot was a success and teacher, Alyson Block, reported “The 4th grade had a blast finishing these multiplication mystery pictures of animals from Uganda. It led us into a great discussion about Uganda.”

Future lessons are in the works for subjects such as math, geography, science, language and social studies – designed to spark conversation and connect classrooms and hearts from Uganda to Chicago.