This February 14, Saint Andrew School is celebrating their support and partnership with Uganda students through art, music, language, geography and cultural lessons in every grade.  Thanks to the leadership of Paula Thivierge and Kelly Shea, teachers at every grade level have several mini-lessons to choose from to make the Uganda-theme day a success.

The Uganda-theme day is a pilot designed to help Shea and Thivierge gather important teacher feedback for designing interactive, sensory, Uganda curriculum kits targeting Early Childhood and grades K-2, 3-5 and 6-8.  The kits’ lesson plans would include subjects such as: Math, Geography, Science, Language/Reading, Social Studies and Religion and tie directly to learning curriculum objectives for each grade.

Materials for the kits will be gathered during the July 2018 Uganda trip that both Shea and Thivierge will attend.  “Our goal is to create a traveling ‘come alive’ package to support kinesthetic learning and get students and teachers talking about Uganda, our scholarship students and their lives,” said Shea.



“Valentine’s Day is about love – kids don’t overthink it.  It’s about caring for your neighbor and that’s what we’re celebrating,” said Thivierge.

Consider helping Shea and Thivierge meet their goals to bring Uganda to life for St. Andrew students through curriculum development during our trip to Uganda this July.  Please visit their Go Fund Me sites at: