Sweet Success

Bakers (L-R) Hayden Doyle and Hailey Meyer (both 5th grade), Devin Lawler (6th grade), and McKenzie Kelly and Fiona Scanlan (both 5th grade).

Five friends had a sweet idea – selling beautiful cupcakes to help support One Heart Uganda scholarship students.  They picked the perfect venue – Addison Avenue with lots of foot traffic as Cubs and Yankees fans would walk by to cheer at Wrigley Field.  Next, they convinced their moms to buy lots of baking supplies and volunteer their kitchen for operations.  Finally, they convinced their little brothers to help them drum up sidewalk business.

After baking more than one hundred beautifully decorated cupcakes, brownies and blondies, they set up shop on Saturday, May 6. They were so successful, they decided to continue their sales in front of St. Andrew Church the following Sunday.  The results were a huge success raising $342 for scholarship students in Central Uganda.



Congratulations fifth and sixth grade bakers, Fiona Scanlan, Hayden Doyle, Hailey Meyer, Devin Lawler, McKenzie Kelly and Mary McCarthy for having such Heart! And thanks to your third-grade brothers and future salesmen, Nick Kelly, Owen Lawler and Liam Scanlan.

Younger brothers, Nick Kelly, Owen Lawler, and Liam Scanlan (all 3rd grade) and friend Mary McCarthy (5th grade)